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The Best Ways to Protect Your Carpet and Rugs

Our flooring is bombarded daily with bacteria, dirt, shoes, bags, and almost everything that enters our home.  Some surfaces immediately show the dirt and grime or the damage from harsh treatment.  But our carpets and rugs don’t.  They absorb and disguise the dirt and grit.  Many colors even hide it and make it almost invisible. But just because we can’t easily see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t damaging our carpets and rugs and maybe even our health.

Living room rugs

There are some critical steps that you can take to protect your carpet, home and health.

1.  Placemats. Keep a placemat outside and inside of the heavily trafficked entryways in your home.  Use the outside mat to scrap dirt and soil from shoes before tracking it into your home. Use the inside mat as a resting place for you shoes.

2.  No Shoes.  Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet or rugs.  Because the plush carpet is so absorbent, dirt, pollution and grime can get trapped in the carpet.  It is almost impossible to detect but it is there.  Remember that gross bathroom that you had to use in the gas station, think about the floor.  Would you want to lie down on that and watch a movie with the kids this evening.  Then don’t wear those shoes on the carpet!

3.  Replace carpets. Replace carpet when it shows too much wear and tear.  Nothing improves the look of a home quicker and more cost effectively than a fresh coat of paint and new carpet. Dated flooring is almost impossible to overcome.

4.  Clean Carpets Regularly.  Have carpets cleaned by reputable carpet cleaners with solid references and experience.  Avoid the carpet cleaners who use heavy soapy detergents.  Go with organic or green carpet cleaners who use hot water extraction methods which leaves zero residue.