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Types of Rugs

Like a Labra-doodle or a Yorkie-Poo or a Shiatsu-shepherd, rugs are becoming more and more complicated.

Remember when every rug in the house was one of those multicolored woven deals that never changed.  You could beat it, wash it in the washing machine or just plain old abuse it and it always looked the same.


My grandmother had those rugs for my entire life.

Well things have changed quite a bit.  Just like everything else…

They don’t make ’em like they used to…

There are still a few main categories of rugs like:

  1. Handmade, ie. Hand-tufted, hand-hooked and hand-loomed.  You guessed it.  these rugs were made by hand.  Instead of a machine.  Given the time and skill required, these are likely to cost more than the industrially produced version. Hand-knotted is the highest quality rug while hand-hooked is the lowest quality.  I can remember making hooked rugs as a little kid.  Not much skill there.  Just follow the pattern and repeat the hand movements.  But a really nice hand-knotted rug may be passed down for generations and become quite a desired heirloom.
  2. Woven or Braided Rugs.  These are the ones that my grandmother and great-aunts had around the house.  They had a blend of colors like the gold and orange of the 70s.  Or maybe the burgundy and blue.  Or maybe a green and orange.  You know the ones.  They were tough and durable and never changed.  The dog laid on them and the shoes were wiped on them and they took it and kept on smiling.
  3. Flatweave Rugs.  these rugs are made on a loom and include familiar types like tapestry rugs and needlepoint rugs.  They can have quite intricate designs and they do not have fluffy pile like the next rug type.
  4. Tufted Pile Rugs.  They have tufts of material or yarn that stick up and give a fluffy appearance.  They can vary from expensive to very cheap.  Skip the hand-tufted like we mentioned above. These are usually pretty cheap.


Sometimes they name a rug according to wear it is likely to live when you bring it home from the store like:

  1. Area.  An area rug is used to cover an area of a room or space.  They come in all sizes from small to large and in all types, colors and patterns.  You can get a $10 pink area rug shaped like a hippopotamus or a $10,000 oriental area rug.
  2. Kitchen.  These are most likely used in the kitchen or comfort while standing or to catch crumbs or drips under the table or in front of the sink of food prep area.
  3. Bath.  Who doesn’t love a good bathroom mat or rug.  The right one can be so soft and plush that you want to snuggle up on it and take a nap.  Others focus on water-absorption or non-slip features.
  4. Indoor/Outdoor Rugs.  These are usually pretty durable to handle weather and foot traffic, even pet traffic.  Beat them against the fence for a quick cleaning, vacuum them or even hose them down.

And sometimes they are named for their shape…

  1. Square.  These are great to separate a space in the large room.  You can create a separate feel just by using a unique rug to break up the space.
  2. Rectangle.  These are great for sofas and rectangular rooms.
  3. Circle or Round.  These are often used under round dining room tables.
  4. Runner.  This is only one that really deserves any explanation.  It is long perhaps for an entryway, hallway or typical footpath.

Rugs add color and pop to a room.  They can change the décor from traditional to jungle fever in just a matter of minutes.

They can add comfort and warmth.

So whatever the reason you are looking for a rug, pick one that goes with your sense of style and budget and enjoy.